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Kennedy D. Mosley (born September 15, 1998), better known as ameriKKKen, is an artist born and raised on the east side of Indianapolis, IN. Despite her artist name being controversial, it holds a number of significant meanings, with “Knowledge and Kindness is Key” being one, in correlation with the emphasis on the three K’s. At the age of 12, ameriKKKen began writing poetry, transitioning into songwriting at age 15. With a church upbringing, ameriKKKen has been singing for as long as she can remember, having a passion for music since a young age.

Graduating from Warren Central High School in May of 2016, ameriKKKen enrolled at Ball State University in Muncie, IN, months later. Once having aspirations of becoming a music journalist, ameriKKKen pursued a degree in Journalism, before changing her major to Public Relations a short time after. However, during her second year as a student, ameriKKKen changed her major once again, to Digital Production, with a concentration in Audio.

Despite the numerous major changes, ameriKKKen always knew she wanted to pursue a career in music. However, as someone who once lacked the courage to share her music with the world, ameriKKKen convinced herself that she wanted to obtain career in the industry that would keep her behind the scenes. After having a self-realization, ameriKKKen learned that being behind the scenes wasn’t where she was meant to be. As she continued to work on poetry and music daily, her confidence increased, pushing her to finally step out of her comfort zone.

Participating in various open mic events on campus, ameriKKKen soon became known for her talent as a poet. After competing in her first poetry competition at Wabash College in Crawfordsville, IN and taking the first place title, ameriKKKen was inspired even more to not only share her poetry, but her music. She first gained attention for her music by performing her unreleased debut single “The Come Up,” in December of 2016, as a participant in a competition held on campus, which she also took first place in.

After remixing the classic Three 6 Mafia track “Who Run It” became a growing trend in May of 2018, ameriKKKen looked at it as the perfect opportunity to not only pay homage to artists she considers legends, but to showcase her talent as well. Quickly gaining acclaim and potential fans, ameriKKKen released “The Come Up” weeks later, which was soon followed by an official music video. With four tracks now released, ameriKKKen is not only striving to have more under her belt, but to continue growing her audience in the process.