Redman – Muddy Waters


As suggested by one of my Twitter followers, (@YoungChanceller) this weeks album is “Muddy Waters” by Redman. Before being suggested this album, I had never heard of this artist a day in my life. So, it’s safe to say that this album was my first introduction to him as an artist, on all levels. Now, without further ado as always, here is my track-by-track review of this album.



Considering the intro is relatively short and didn’t provide much context it, I don’t have much to say about it honestly. After listening to the album in full, I’m not sure of how it connects to other tracks or adds the album as a whole. I felt as if it was setting a scene of some type of destruction happening within a jungle but I’m not exactly sure. I think if it was made my clear how it relates to the bigger picture, it would have been stronger. Or maybe I’m the only one who missed the point.


Iz He 4 Real

I was going to save the following points for the conclusion of this post, however, I’m just going to say it now so those reading can know my thought process throughout listening to this album for the first time.

Off tops, I definitely got Busta Rhymes, A$AP Ferg type of vibes from his delivery and overall sound. Perhaps Redman influenced their sound?

Any who, I liked the opening of this track. I think it was a great comeback from the intro that left me a bit lost. I sort of made a connection with the line “Give me room like the Hyatt, while I run this jungle habitat,” but it wasn’t a strong one, at least for me. The hook/adlibs and random sounds were the highlight of the track for me. I also loved the production.

However, I do wish this track was a bit longer.


Rock Da Spot

First off, I found it ironic and pretty funny that this track samples Busta Rhymes. As I literally just stated, I got Busta vibes the moment I peeped his voice after first pressing play on the album. With that being said, I liked the production on this track as well. My favorite moment were the bars “I’s a nice n-gga that wanna get diced / slice the mic device like the body of Christ / twice.” The internal rhymes were obvious but nice to say the least.

I also liked how he delivered the line “a breaka’ one, a breaka’ two.” I don’t know, I like weird things that stands out from everything else. It was subtle but a good detail to add.


Welcome (Interlude)

I like the opening skit on this track because it was comical and mad random. That was definitely the stand out moment for me on this one. Furthermore, I also liked the rhyme scheme in the ending line of the track. However, I’m not exactly sure how I feel about this track overall. I liked it but I was sort of confused on the direction and concept of it. As far as structure, I’m not sure of how the skit connected with the verse. Then, for the song as a whole, I was lost on how it fits in with the rest of the album. I felt it was a random placement.


Case Closed

With this track, I made another artist connection. Listening to it for the first time made me wonder if Redman influenced Joey Bada$$. Like Ferg, they’re both from the East Coast so maybe? I think the flows used throughout this track and overall sound of it, including the features, has a Pro Era feel to it so that I definitely enjoyed.

I’m also afraid to admit that I’ve never heard of the two artists featured. However, my favorite verse was definitely Napalm‘s. In comparison to the Pro Era connection, he gave me a CJ Fly type of vibe. He [CJ] is the most slept on out of the collective and arguably the best next to Joey. However, in general, I like the delivery and content of this particular verse.


Pick It Up (Skit)

The production on this track is simple but I will say I like the sample included, as well as the sample used for the hook. The hook was definitely my favorite part of the track though. Anything that makes me sing along to it the first time I hear it is a plus for me. The hook was mad catchy. Also, “N-ggas be like ‘ahh, he changed his style up,’ / shut the f-ck up, you still a d-ck rider,” was my favorite line.

However, one thing I didn’t like was the line “If you see a b-tch passed out on the f-ckin’ ground, what the f-ck you gone do?” Two reasons why. One, I felt having the line go from a consistent “pick it up” switch to “pick her up” was a bit weird and out of place. Furthermore, I wasn’t sure if it was suggesting rape or not but it left me with a bad feeling.


N.I.N. (Skit)

This skit here was one of my favorite skits out of all the ones on the album and there were a lot of them. I liked this one because it was comical but different compared to the others. The first thing that really got me was the fact that the station name was N-ggas in Newark. Then my mans said the TV satellite van was stolen and I was weak. I love my people and all but we all know this is typical activity in the hood, no matter what the city is.


Smoke Buddah

I wanted to hate this song the moment I heard the sample and made the connection with the title because the “Mary Jane” sample is over used and played out. Yet, I actually really liked this song. The delivery of the hook was creative and the “smoke buddah” ad-lib in the background had me dying laughing for some reason the first time I heard it. The hook alone is what made me like the song. As far as the rest of the song, it was straight but noting to be too impressed about. The song itself was cliche but gets a pass.


Whatever Man (ft. Erick Sermon)

I’ll start by saying the random moan in the beginning of the track threw me all the way off. There were moments throughout the track I felt it somewhat connected to but there were’t many. So, I’m wondering what the point of those additions in comparison to the rest of the content was exactly. I liked the song itself though. I just feel more could be added to the production. I did enjoy the subtle samples throughout but I felt the production could have had more. I don’t know. It was a decent song, I just didn’t think any of the lyrics were noteworthy.


Chicken Head

This was my favorite skit next to N.I.N. and for a number of reasons. I found it funny how I pictured an actual convention full of chicken heads. Like, that’s the Black Expo here in Indy if you think about it. Anyone from Indy knows how ghetto Expo is and it be full of chicken heads. The fact these females in the skit were really hype about being chicken heads is something I could see happening too. Again, typical hood activity. The skit was a good comical moment in the album. I liked it.


On Fire

As far as tracks on the album in general, this was one of my favorites. I like how it has more of a laid back feel to it. His delivery was more relaxed and there wasn’t too much going on with the track. The production is simple but the samples really make it shine. The main sample used in the hook is actually my favorite part of this song.

The only thing I didn’t like about the track were the random rooster sounds at the end. I sort of made the connection to the previous skit but I felt it was a weird addition to this track especially where it was added.


Do What You Feel

This was my least favorite song on the album. I didn’t like this particular track because I personally thought it was boring. The production was simple and there wasn’t anything exciting about it content wise. In comparison to the rest of the tracks being more upbeat, it just sort of threw me off. I feel this track was meant to focus more so on lyrical content but even the lyrics weren’t anything to be hype about, in my honest opinion. I tried to find something about it I enjoyed but it was actually hard. Not to be a hater but yeah, I wasn’t feeling it. It’s a no from me dawg.


The Stick Up (Skit)

I know I already said two of the skits were my favorite but I really enjoyed this one too y’all. The beginning of the skit made me not like I because I was really sitting there like “why is this man singing about a soda and really hype about it?” I was dead confused on what the point of it was and where it was going. Then when bro did a stick up and I pictured him actually snatching the soda I was weak. He didn’t have to do my mans like that. I also want to say and it’s pop, and not soda. Yes, I’m that person.



This here is my absolute favorite track on the album and the one I will probably have on repeat, playing at full volume in the whip. The production on this one is simple but goes crazy. Then the delivery and the flows? Everything. I actually might remix this myself. I mess with it heavy. I can’t really say why. Just the overall vibe of this one makes it stand out more to me than the others on the album.


It’s Like That (My Big Brother)

This was one of my other least favorite tracks. I liked it but the production was annoying to be comepletly. I actually skipped this track about a minute in the first time I heard it and never played it again. Sorry, not sorry. I think it would be a fun beat to freestyle over though. I actually wanted to give the track a pass because I felt maybe it was just a fun track for them to hop on but nah man, this aint it.

However, I did like the opening skit on this track. I think it does connect to my guess of this track having an intentional freestyle or cypher feel to it. Yet, I still wasn’t feeling it.


Da Bump

This was my second favorite track next to “Creepin.” I really enjoyed the laid back feel it had to it and appreciate how it was still hype at the same time. The delivery was as well. I also liked the use of the samples throughout it. My favorite moment in the track though was definitely the second variation of the hook around the 2:40 mark. The Master P sample for the lyrics was hard. I actually don’t have anything negative say about this track.


Uncle Quilly (Skit)

I liked this skit because it was comical like the other ones but I’m confused on what exactly was going on with it. It was also random in comparison to the other tracks on the album — sort of like the other skits. However, I will say when that man said “And I know those ain’t yo real nails neither cause I smell the glue way the from over here,” right before the skit ends and transition into the next track, I was mad weak. Like the other skits, this one made me wonder where he got the ideas for these skits.


Yeah Yesh Y’all

What I enjoyed about this particular track were the rhyme schemes throughout it. As far as rhymes alone, this track may be the strongest on the album.

My favorite moment were the bars “all my boos with the open toed shoes / if you aint getting that p-ssy eaten right, let me show you / then let you taste these / this Brown Fox said ‘Aint no n-gga like the Funk Doctor spot G.'”

If you’ve been reading my content up until now, you already know how I feel about this man Jay Z but that was bar was hard. Then, the open toed shoes comment was comical and made me think of how men are obsessed with women with white tail nail polish, for whatever reason.


What U Lookin’ 4

I also enjoyed this track. The production was simple but the use of the samples here were strong as well. As far as samples though, the only thing I didn’t like were the LL Cool J lyrics being sample for the hook. It was nice, don’t get me wrong, but I felt like he could been more creative about what he did with it. I don’t know, I just felt something in the hook was missing.

However, I did like the overall content and message of this track. The third verse was my favorite though. The fact he started it by saying his license been suspended for about 5 years is what really got me cause he was real and I know some people could probably relate. In general though, the delivery and flow change on this particular verse stood out to me as well.


Soopaman Luva 3 Interview (Skit)

Ok, so I know I said a lot of the skits were my favorite but this one was too. The other skits were comical but I liked this one because I thought it would be different and take a different approach. I liked how it had more of a sensual type of vibe to it but then what really made me like it is the fact that I was proven wrong and it still ended with a bit of humor. I definitely wasn’t expecting it. I like what he did with this skit overall.


Soopaman Luva 3

I’m annoying, sorry, but this track was one of my favorites as well. I actually take back what I said earlier, — this one is my second favorite. I personally like songs that have two halves, if both are strong and the switch up is done effectively. The production on both halves are my favorites on the album because they’re different in comparison to the production on the other tracks and both were hard to say the least.

As far as comments on the first half, I think it was funny he mentioned something about having a foot fetish because I immediately thought back on the bar in one of the previous tracks about females in open toed sandals, which I made a comment about. The wordplay on this first half was strong here as well.

Then, for the second half, which was my favorite out of the two, I like how it was obviously comical but the fact I felt I was being told a story and could picture in my head exactly what was happening made me enjoy it a lot. My favorite moment was the “Put It In My Mouth” sample and how clever he was with including it in the dialogue.



I like this track but then again I don’t. It was cool and all but there wasn’t anything about to that made it stand out for me. The track was decent so I definitely didn’t hate it. I just don’t have much to say about this one in particular. However, I did peep and like the lyrics from “Atomic Dog” being sampled in the beginning of the track. I guess you could also say the rhyme schemes here were decent as well. I just didn’t thing this was a strong and memorable track.


Da III Out

The production as well as the flows and delivery on this track made me really enjoy this particular track. However, I don’t like the placement of this track in the album. Considering the features and overall vibe of the track, I think it would be stronger if it would have appeared earlier in the album after one of the skits. I think was a good track just wasn’t a great choice for the closing of the album. It’s a good outro song but not necessarily the best if you feel what I’m saying.

In conclusion, I really liked this album. I didn’t necessarily love it because there were weak moments as well as strong but a few of the tracks I did add to my library and plan to listen to more and include in my rotations.

I enjoyed the skits a lot but feel they didn’t connect well to anything else in the album. They were comical and entertaining but I felt they were a bit random. The opening skit in particular started the album on a weird note for me. As far as other criticism on other elements of the album, the transitions between each track could have been more smooth. I felt they were a bit choppy and the tracks in general didn’t flow well together.

However, like I said, I did enjoy this album and I’m glad I pressed play on it. As always, send me album suggestions for future posts and I shall return soon!

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