Table of Contents

I. Biography

II. Quick Facts

III. Blog Purpose


I. About Me

Kennedy Mosley, also known as ameriKKKen, is a 19 year-old Indianapolis native and growing music enthusiast. Currently an undergraduate student at Ball State University, she has declared a major in Telecommunications (Digital Production) with a concentration in audio.

In addition to being a full-time student, she is also an active member of various organizations on campus which include the award winning radio station, WCRD (91.3), the National Association of Black Journalists, and RedPrint Step Team, which she founded herself and is also the current president.

After graduation, she plans to explore multiple careers within the music industry, which include engineering, artist management, and becoming an musician herself. When she isn’t handling responsibilities of being a full-time student, and being involved, she enjoys writing music and poetry.


II. Quick Facts

Meaning of ameriKKKen –

When thinking of a name for my social media handles (and possibly a stage name for when I decide to officially pursue music), I wanted to incorporate part of my name with something that was also meaningful to me.

Partially inspired by AmeriKKKen Korruption by Capital Steez, (rhyme in peace) the name, especially the emphasis on “KKK,” holds a double meaning. However, the positive significance is the three K’s standing for “Knowledge and Kindness is Key,” which is a motto I live by.

Think Unconfined’s Demise –

For those who are new and/or aren’t familiar with my pervious brand, Think Unconfined (2015 – early 2017) was a site used as a space for me to express my opinions on controversial topics and issues that matter to me, including music related subjects.

After switching my major from Journalism and growing as an individual, I lost interest in the brand and the direction the site was going in. However, I’m back and I’m better, no Tiller and excited to build this new brand with those who support me and my work.

Greatest Influence – 

SpaceGhostPurrp. SGP. Purrp. The God of Black. Muney Jordan. Vamp Money. The founder of Raider Klan. The underground legend who birthed most of these rappers today.

No Slander List –

SGP, Trina, and Sade. There’s a few more but they’re at the top of my list. Disrespect either of those three and we might have to throw hands.

First Artist I Met –

Joey Bada$$, (peep the gallery tab on the menu). Don’t tell nobody y’all but I was really hyperventilating and ended up being nervous for no reason. He’s such a humble and sweet dude.

First Concert – 

Kendrick Lamar, good kid m.A.A.d city Tour (+ the rest of Black Hippy as openers). Honored. Arguably the greatest hip hop artist of our generation. Ya’ll not gone appreciate my mans until he’s gone.

Favorite Concert (thus far) –

Denzel Curry, 2055: The Ult Experience Tour. For me, it really was an experience  and for so many reasons. He’s such a dope performer and his energy is everything man. Not to mention, he’s a really sweet and humble guy as well. Goofy as hell too.

Let him come back to Indy and I’m avoiding all responsibilities to be there. He can have every dime of my money.

Bonus Fun Fact –

Big Sean has me blocked on Twitter — because I called him corny.


Now back to more serious business ..

III. Blog Purpose

This blog shall serve as a space for my creativity as an artist, as well as a portfolio and addition to my resume(s) for  positions within the professional world.

Content uploaded to this website shall include:


playlists posted periodically that will boast my taste in music and songs I wish to share with listeners


a segment occurring every other Thursday consisting of me giving a first listen and review of an album considered a “classic,” suggested by subscribers

Top 20

an annual, end-of-the-year list of my top 20 favorite projects/albums from that year

Favorite Artist of the Year

an annual, end-of-the-year article about an artist/collective that was favorite from that year, based on factors including music released that year and other headlining news


a list of music I own in physical form that will be updated periodically based on purchases and new additions made


collection of photos of me with my favorite artists, or other appropriate music related content in image form

In conclusion, the Contact page of the site shall serve as a resource to those interested in communicating with myself about inquiries which include but is not limited to, questions not answered on the site, and/or submissions and requests for content to be uploaded to the site.

(Original music shall also be posted to this site when content becomes available.)

[ photography / Brian Hollis @sanhollis ]