Indianapolis artist ameriKKKen is nothing short of a prodigy, carving out a path her own way. The K’s in her name stand for “Knowledge and Kindness is Key,” a direct reference to the art she creates. The artist’s work ethic and experience is unmatched as she’s been pushing pen to the paper for over a decade now. Couple this with her ability to craft top tier lyrics and deliver them whether vocally or through sharp bars, her art demands our ears. At only 21, ameriKKKen is putting on for Indiana and garnering national recognition without straying and compromising her beliefs. With her now-released sophomore project, “KAPPED,” debuting after achieving a major milestone in her life, ameriKKKen has much more in store for the rest of 2020.

Born Kennedy Mosley, growing up she always had a love for music. In fact, she recalls singing in the choir at church and posting singing covers online in her younger years before writing her own music. In high school she continued to surround herself with music, building her confidence through her time pursuing colorguard as a performing art. Laying the foundation for the work and artistry she’d display in the future, her destiny in music was already sealed.

ameriKKKen pulls influence from the full spectrum of art. It can be seen visually in the cover art she pairs with the music and naturally shines through sonically the second you press play. “I’d describe my sound as vulnerable and relatable.” ameriKKKen says, “It’s how I vent and share who I am with the world.” The Indianapolis standout admits her music at first was centered around the boom-bap sound and having the “lyrics in your face.” However as her career continues to ascend, ameriKKKen is carving her sound to combine her sharp lyrics with the experience she’s had singing her entire life. “Because I sing and rap, I’m now moving more towards a melodic balance between both,” she states. Though “KAPPED” and future releases are real-time testaments to her growth, her debut release “KHOATIC,” is an amalgamation of everything she brings to the table. Tracks like “Under Pressure” are a prime example of the weighty bars mixed with beautiful melodies to bring music the listener can relate to and groove to in the same listen.

And there’s no denying that 2019 was ameriKKKen’s breakout year. Along with the release of her debut project, she dropped a slew of content at a rate that commanded attention. Between freestyles recognized by names such as Trinidad James, Danny Brown and Denzel Curry, ameriKKKen also performed around 20 shows, including a performance at Chreece which was headlined by Griselda and Talib Kweli. The Indiana standout can also hold her own, as she’s headlined her own show for her debut project and garnered national attention while doing so. Recognized by NPR, you may also know ameriKKKen from being a contestant on Netflix’s Rhythm + Flow. Whether underground or mainstream, ameriKKKen‘s appeal is universal. As we head into the latter part of 2020, ameriKKKen is preparing to release visuals and merchandise to accompany her sophomore project, “KAPPED” while also celebrating the anniversary of her debut, “KHAOTIC.” With ameriKKKen being only 21 years old and dominating the industry on her own terms, now is the time to press play and get acclimated.