(TEASER) Interview with A Culture

July 15, 2018

A Culture magazine teased their new and upcoming content featuring ameriKKKen, today on their social media platforms. ameriKKKen gave insight on who she is as an artist, plus more! Be sure to catch the full interview set to be released July 21st!

Naptown Revival Appearance

July 14, 2018

ameriKKKen was a participant in the Naptown Revival event, hosted by Wave Runner Entertainment and Kamp Studio 317. Competing against 9 other local artists, ameriKKKen took second place, winning two free hours of studio time at 416 Wabash, plus a crash prize of $300.

She perfermed her debut single “The Come Up,” as well as two new songs, set to be released in the near future. Head over to the Gallery page to see photos from the night and stay connected to ameriKKKen‘s social media accounts for footage!