Juice Jam Winner

16 September 2019


ameriKKKen would like to thank The Juice Chicago for choosing her as the Juice Jam winner of the week. The radio show and online platform reposted her remix of the Denzel Curry single “Ricky,” and played their choice of her singles on their radio show. ameriKKKen is appreciative of the platform and opportunity to be apart of a platform that isn’t based in Indianapolis, but midwest-based, gaining her more exposure outside of her own city.

Gorella Interview

16 September 2019


Following her CHREECE appearance and the the announcing of her debut headlining show, ameriKKKen had the opportunity of linking with the masterminds behind Gorella. The day consisted of a walk through Fountain Square for quick photo shoot, and questions to get to know her better as an artist. ameriKKKen appreciates the laid-back energy, the platform and a great article. Be sure to click here to read the article!

Debut Headliner Announcement

25 August 2019


Following the momentum of CHREECE, ameriKKKen announced the official details of her debut headlining show, Friday September 20th. The event will serve as an exclusive event and pre-celebration for the release of her debut project, “KHAOTIC.” Though ameriKKKen has revealed the cover art for the project, she has not announced a release date for it quite yet. Her fist headlining show will allow supporters and critics alike to attend to hear the prject in its entirety before it is released on streaming platforms.

Attendees will also be able to purchase merchandise such as shirts and physical copies of “KHAOTIC” at the event. In addition to performances by ameriKKKen, as well as openers C Dub, Voni Trapz, and NorrieTheGoat, (who replaced the other artist listed on the flyer) the release show will also feature raffles, local vendors, and a cash bar, as well as a full menu. ameriKKKen is excited for the event and we hope you are too! Be sure to personally contact ameriKKKen for tickets and inquiries regarding VIP!


24 August 2109


This past weekend, ameriKKKen made her Chreece debut this year at the 5th annual of the festival. ameriKKKen performed alongside Griselda Records, Talib Kweli, and Fat Tony, as well as other local Indianapolis artists. ameriKKKen took the stage at 5:15 p.m., to a packed house at Square Cat Vinyl. ameriKKKen performed familiar favoites, as well as previewd new music from her upcoming project releasing next month, “KHAOTIC.”

After her set, ameriKKKen took the stge at White Rabbit during artist Mickey Young’s set for a cypher which consisted of other talented Indianapolis emcees. ameriKKKen is thankful for the opportunity to not only be on the line up this year, but also to be apart of Mickey Young’s set. ameriKKKen appreciates everyone who attended, especially during her set time and those who supported Mickey Young’s set as well. Chreece was a wonderful networking opportunity and is excited to end a high note, leading into her debut headling show September 20th.

TCK 100th Episode Celebration

17 August 2019


Saturday, August 17th ameriKKKen had the opportunity of performing at the 100th Episode Celebration for The Conceited Knowbody podcast. The Indianapolis-based podcast was one of the first to invite her on a platform for an interview. Because ameriKKKen was able to be apart of the growth of The Conceited Knowbody, she was excited and honored and help them celebrate 100 successful epsiodes.

In addition to being invited to attend the celebration, which was held at ICON Lounge, ameriKKKen also had to opportunity of performing. ameriKKKen performed “Wassup?,” “The Come Up,” and “Swimming.” After peforming, ameriKKKen networked and promoted her upcoming headliing show. ameriKKKen plans to vpay another visit to The Conceited Knowbody podcast, after the release of her debut project “KHAOTIC” to promote and discuss it.

Bangarang 7

9 August 2019


ameriKKKen made history at Bangarang 7, being the first female to perform apart of the series. ameriKKKen is thankful for the opportunity to be apart of the event and perfrom alongside other talented local artists. Hosted by local artist Sirisu Blvck, the monthly rap showcase was held Friday, August 9th and State Street Pub.

ameriKKKen performed “Wassup,” “The Come Up,” and “Snakes in the Grass,” as well as an unreleased track and “Swimming.” ameriKKKenapprciated everyone who attended and networked with her. Be sure to catch her at Chreece August 24th, further promoting her headlining show next month!

Interview + Freestyle with A Culturee

30 July 2019

ameriKKKen recently met with A Culturee for another interview and gave a quick unreleased verse! Be sure to click the video above to gain insight on her advice to other artists, her upcoming plans + more! Also, be sure to follow and connect with A Culturee via social media @ a_culturee!

Underground Sound Festival

28 July 2019


ameriKKKen not only had the opportunity of performing at another show this year, but was also apart of history. Sunday, July 28th, the first annual Underground Sound Festival took place, and featured a number of local artists and businesses as vendors. Underground Sound is a monthly open mic event that takes place every third Thursday. With the events being largly successful, the festival was greatly anticipated.

The set ameriKKKen had during this event consisted of peforming “Wassup?” “The Come Up,” and “Swimming (Ode to Mac).” ameriKKKen would like to thank Underground Sound for the opportunity and for everyone who attened and helped make the first Underground Sound festival a huge success!

WFYI Performance

27 July 2019


Saturday, July 27th, ameriKKKen had the opportunity of recording a Small Studio session for WFYI. The session will be released to be viewed by the general public later this year, as part of a series that is hosted by the Indiana-based broadcasting company. The Small Studio session series is a platform that showcases musicians across a variety of generes and their music.

ameriKKKen was first noticed by WFYI when she submitted an audition video to be featured on NPR’s Tiny Desk series. Although ameriKKKen was not selected as an artist to be featured, (yet) her submission captured the attention of producers of the Small Studio sessions at WFYI and they extended their platform to her.

Alongisde D Lew, (the keyboardist featured in the original submisson video) ameriKKKen perfomed the same unreleased track. “Prideful,” as well as “The Come Up” and “Swimming (Ode to Mac).”  ameriKKKen is thankful for the platform and opportunity, and is proof that what when one door closes, another one opens!

Naptown Revival 3

20 July 2019


Saturday, July 20th, the third annual Naptown Revival took place at its usual location, the Grove Haus in Fountain Square. Naptown Revival is a competition event that judges based on quality and talent, and pays the best three artists cash and two free hours of studio time. ameriKKKen took 1st place at the last Naptown Revival and had the opportunity of returning to perform as a special guest.

ameriKKKen performed “Wassup?,” “The Come Up,” and “Swimming.” ameriKKKen would like to thank all who came to support, and give a shout out to all who performed and competed, and give a special shout out to the winners, as well as Sprove for organizing another successful event. The third installment was special because he hosted it as a celebration of life for his own birthday, but a tribute to fallen local artist, Yung Scoop Guala as well, with the help of family and close friends.

Indiana Black Expo Performance

19 July 2019


Friday, July 19th, ameriKKKen, as well as Lyrik Scaife, and Krishawn took the stage at the 2019 Indiana Black Expo, held at the Indiana Convention Center. Powered by Art Speaks Cafe, the three artists were backed by DJ Parlae, a DJ that has consistently supported and help push their music.

During the shared 30 minute set, ameriKKKen performed “Wassup,” and “The Come Up.” ameriKKKen would like to thank IBE and Art Speaks Cafe for the opportunity, as well as everyone who attended and supported!

NorrieTheGoat Live

6 July 2019


Saturday, July 6th, NorrieTheGoat held his first headlining show at Square Cat Vinyl. Located in the heart of Fountain Square, the event was a success and full of not only great talent, but energy. ameriKKKen had the honor of being a supporting act, along with other local artists and it as a great way to celebrate the holiday weekend. ameriKKKen performed “Wassup,” “The Come Up,” and “Swimming.”

The Zone of Fire

7 June 2019


Alongside fellow Indianapolis artist and Naptown Revival creator, Sprove, ameriKKKen had the opportunity of performing at Club Kalakutah for The Zone Fire. Organized by Mazi Ifeanyii, the event was held to celebrate hip hop music, all while showcase two talented Indianapolis hip hop acts.

ameriKKKen was able to perform “Wassup?,” “The Come Up,” “Snakes in the Grass,” and “Swimming,” as well as the currently unreleased track “Tortoise and the Hare.” ameriKKKen is thankful for the opportunity and everyone who attended to support and celebrate hip hop, with two of Indianapolis’ very own!

Radio Indy Interview

4 June 2019


Tuesday, June 4th, Radio Indy had the honor of giving ameriKKKen her first radio interview! Sitting down Mazi Ifeanyi, organizer of The Zone of fire, ameriKKKen and fellow Indianapolis artist and Naptown Revival creator, Sprove, had the opportunity of visiting the studio to promote the upcoming show at Club Kalakutah, Saturday June 7th.

In addition to promoting the show, the two were able to share who their musical inspirations are, their upcoming projects and more! To watch the full livestream of the interview, be sure to visit their Facebook page, @radioindy317!

Plus Vibes Appearance

1 June 2019


Over the weekend, ameriKKKen had her first out of town performance! Traveling to Detroit to network, she attended Plus Vibes, an open mic/showcase held at The Baltimore Gallery.

ameriKKKen had the opportunity of performing “Swimming,” as well as a snippet of “Wassup?”ameriKKKen is thankful for the platform she was given, as well as the love she was shown, and for her first out of town performance to still be in the Midwest.

iLLANOiZE Interview

May 31st, 2019


ameriKKKen sat down with GroovNuke of iLLANOiZE for an in-depth interview about her upbringing and who she is currently as an artist. The two discussed her  transition from poetry to music, support from fellow artists, musical influences, an upcoming project and more in their exclusive Q&A. To get to know more about the rising Indianapolis artist, be sure to click here to read the full article!

Rehab on Sundays

May 26th, 2019


Sunday, May 26th, ameriKKKen made her first appearance at a 21+ venue, for Rehab on Sundays, held at Icon Lounge each and every Sunday. Rehab on Sundays is the ultimate day party featuring live music, free remosas (bottomless mimosas), 2/$20 cajun bistros, and good vibes! ameriKKKen had the honor of being one of the artists to give a live performance during the event on this particular Sunday.

With DJ Santi and Dj Parlae on the 1’s and 2’s, ameriKKKen also had the honor of having her set mixed and spun by DJ Parlae. ameriKKKen set was a mix that consisted of her singles “Wassup?,” “Swimming,” “The Come Up,” and “Snakes in the Grass.” ameriKKKen would like to thank Tahlia of Tahlia Speaks Media for extending the invite, DJ Parlae for spinning her set and to everyone who came to support!

Moon Talk EP Release

April 12th, 2019

photographer | IG: @jakewiththeshot

Friday, April 12th, ameriKKKen had the honor of opening for Sirius Blvck for his Moon Talk EP release show. The event was held at the Pioneer in Fountain Square Indy and featured other local artists on the line up. ameriKKKen performed “Wassup?,” “The Come Up,” and “Swimming,” as well as the currently unreleased track “Tortoise and the Hare,” and an untitled unreleased track, and one titled “Under Pressure.”

This night marked the first time ameriKKKen has performed the unreleased track titled “Under Pressure.” ameriKKKen personally believes this was her best show to date and would like to thank Sirius for the opportunity and all who attended to show love and support.

The Showcase Tour

March 29th, 2019

Friday, March 29th, ameriKKKen made her second appearance on The Showcase Tour stage. After winning second place at the previous Indianapolis stop on The Showcase Tour, ameriKKKen has been working hard to better her craft and bring something fresh to the stage, in hopes of taking first place this go around. Unfortunately however, ameriKKKen took second place once again.

Despite having feelings of frustration, ameriKKKen is thankful to have had the opportunity to not only preform again on The Showcase Tour stage, but to place as well. ameriKKKen performed “Wassup,” “The Come Up,” and “Swimming,” as well an unreleased track which was teased for the first time that night. ameriKKKen is is thankful for all who supported by purchasing a ticket, and/or attending to watch her live.


“Janurary 15th” LP Release Show

March 23rd, 2019

Saturday, March 23rd, Casper Merci hosted a release show for his LP titled “Janurary 15th,” which ameriKKKen was an opener for. The two artists first graced a stage together at Naptown Revival 2, a competition that took place in October of last year. In addition to ameriKKKen being an opener for the show, another former Naptown Revival participant opened up the show as well.

The night was full of great live music and unity among just a few indie artists in the city. For her set, ameriKKKen performed her debut single “The Come Up,” as well as “Wassup,” a currently unreleased track titled “Tortoise and the Hare,” and “Swimming.” ameriKKKen would like to thank all who purchased tickets and attended the event to support.


Global Divas

March 22, 2019

Hosted by Amarfi of International Night Life Indy, an event celebrating Women’s History Month took place Friday, March 22nd. ameriKKKen had the honor to partake in the event titled Global Divas, which highlighted and showcased a number of talented and business-minded women in the city. The event was an all purple affair and ameriKKKen was excited to rock her favorite color with grace, in a room full of other ambitious women.

With her set being brought to life by female DJ, DJ Jai Renee, ameriKKKen performed her debut single “The Come Up,” as well as “Wassup?” and “Swimming.” Despite being invited to perform at the event the week of, ameriKKKen is thankful for all who came to support her.


Rhythm and Poetry: Black Excellence

February 28, 2019

Hosted by Tahlia Speaks, Rhythm and Poetry is an event held only on Thursday’s at Phiri Art Gallery. Rhythm and Poetry Thursday’s is an event that features live entertainment from the best local talent, food and wine tasting! ameriKKKen was honored to be featured on the lineup, alongside other great acts, including personal favorites. ameriKKKen performed “Swimming,” as well as two unreleased tracks she debuted at the show.


Who’s Who’s of Naptown

February 16, 2019

Returning with their third “Who’s Who” event, SlickVic and 47 Productions presented a lineup that included Indianapolis’ own, ameriKKKen. Who’s Who of Naptown is a mixer-style event that places an emphasis on celebrating the creatives in the city. ameriKKKen was honored to be apart  of this particular lineup that also included creatives that are her personals favorite.

Who’s Who’s featured live performances, showcasing of visual artists and various business vendors, who all represent Naptown! ameriKKKen would like to thank the entire Who’s Who team for organizing a beautiful event full of great talent and art across a spectrum of mediums, hosted in one of Indy’s finest art galleries. Who’s Who’s featured live performances, showcasing of visual artists and various business vendors, who all represent Nap!


Square Cat Hip-Hop Nite

December 28, 2018

Friday, December 28th, ameriKKKen had the opportunity of taking part in Hip-Hop Nite, hosted by Sonny Paradise. The event took place at Square Cat Vinyl, a record shop in Fountain Square which also hosts a series of live music events.

ameriKKKen would like to thank Sonny Paradise and Square Cat Vinyl for the opportunity. She would also like to thank those who attended the event, a special thank you to those who came to specially support her. This event marked her last performance of a strong, start-up year!


The Showcase Tour Appearance

December 1, 2018

ameriKKKen participated in The Showcase Tour competition held Saturday, December 1st at Emerson Theater. ameriKKKen took second place in the competition, wining free entry to compete at the next show of her choice.

The goal is to win first place and compete against other first place winners from various cities for the grand prize of $50K + a U.S. Tour.

ameriKKKen would like to thank everyone who supported by purchasing tickets and/or attending the show!


New Guest Verse

November 22, 2018

South Carolina native Chevelle Rakeem released his single, “I Just Wanna Fly Away,” featuring ameriKKKen this Thanksgiving. ameriKKKen is thankful to be apart of this track, making this feature her favorite thus far. Be sure to stream the single, available now on SoundCloud, and follow Chevelle Rakeem on Twitter @YoungKakashiii!


Naptown Revival 2 Appearance

October 27, 2018

Saturday, October 27th, ameriKKKen took first place at Naptown Revival 2. The first place earnings included $500 and two free hours of studio time. Azmyth Recording was her studio of choice. ameriKKKen would like to thank the NR2 team for giving her the opportunity to return, as well as everyone who purchased a ticket, and/or attended and supported her in the competition.

Photographer: Andrew Rose

You can connect with Naptown Revival via Instagram @naptownrevival and photographer Andrew Rose via Twitter @ _AndrewRose24 and Instagram at @_andrewrose


New Guest Verse

October 20, 2018

The anticipated single, “Pictures,” by producer Zander, is now available for streaming! The single features ameriKKKen, as well as Corey Gossett, and Dcasso, You can find the single, mixed and mastered by Smartboy Studios, on Apple Music!

You can connect with Zander via Twitter and Instagram at @NotAlexHankins, Corey Gossett via Twitter @Corey_Gossett and Instagram @coreygossettt, and Dcasso via Twitter @PandaGangCasso and Instagram @panda_gang_casso.


New Guest Verse

September 1, 2018

Detroit native, HAV, recently released his long awaited project titled “thesometimestheory,” with ameriKKKen as the only guest feature. Be sure to not only support track 6 of the release titled “likeus,” but the entire 10-track collection of art ameriKKKen is thankful to be apart of, now available on all major streaming platforms!

You can connect with HAV on social media via @hav313 on both Twitter and Instagram.


Pattern Magazine Feature

August 21, 2018

Taylor Kelly, an editorial intern at Pattern Magazine, recently reached out to ameriKKKen for a feature on their site. The two discussed her creative writing process recent shows plus much more!

Click here to read the full article and interview.

Interview with A Culture

August 2, 2018

Remember the interview A Culture magazine teased with ameriKKKen just a few weeks back? Well, the full interview is now available on their Youtube Channel! Learn more about ameriKKKen as an artist by watching the full interview below!

Blurb Write- Up

Famour Fest Apperance

July 27, 2018

Hosted by Matthew Deal and Corey Gossett, Famour Fest was a three-day festival that celebrated music of all genres, as well as other forms of art. Guests were able to purchase one-day passes or camp on the festival grounds over the weekend.

ameriKKKen had the opportunity of being on the line up for day one of Famour Fest, marking it her first festival performance and show outside of Indianapolis. ameriKKKen performed music debuted at the Naptown Revival event, as well other unreleased tracks!


The Syndicated Flipside Feature

July 21, 2018

As part of their weekly artist spotlight, The Syndicated Flipside featured ameriKKKen this week on their site. Founder Cierra Veable interviewed ameriKKKen about who she is outside of an artist, what sets her apart from others, and much more!

Read Full Article:

Featured Artist – ameriKKKen

(TEASER) Interview with A Culture

July 15, 2018

A Culture magazine teased their new and upcoming content featuring ameriKKKen, today on their social media platforms. ameriKKKen gave insight on who she is as an artist, plus more! Be sure to catch the full interview, releasing soon!










Naptown Revival Appearance

July 14, 2018

ameriKKKen was a participant in the Naptown Revival event, hosted by Wave Runner Entertainment and Kamp Studio 317. Competing against 9 other local artists, ameriKKKen took second place, winning two free hours of studio time at 416 Wabash, plus a crash prize of $300.

She perfermed her debut single “The Come Up,” as well as two new songs, set to be released in the near future. Head over to the Gallery page to see photos from the night and stay connected to ameriKKKen‘s social media accounts for footage!